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What a great new concept for online auctions. Do you enjoy garage sales Thrift Stores and or Auctions. What we have here is a little bit of all, LOWEST UNIQUE BIDDER wins here. We are offering what we like to call a garage sale lowest unique bid auction site. We will post items with minimum bid amount and cost per bid you can post up to 25 bids per item. Our Lowest Bid Wins Auction site is now Timed and bid based auctions. Each auction will have a minimum bid. If the auction you are interested in has a minimum bid of 25.00. You may post bids from 25.00 and up in 1Cent increments. Keep in mind this is a lowest unique bid wins

Here's how it works in a nut shell.

(1)  You will need to be registered to post bids.

(2) You will be credited with $2.00 in free Bid Bucks (you need to purchase at least $2.00 in Bid Bucks) 

(3) Now you can start posting bids (each member is limited to 100 bids per item each bid will cost you the bid entry for that auction)

(4) how do I win? You are the winner if you your bid is the lowest unique bid. 

                                                      Say Member (A)bids$ 2.49,$ 2.55 , 5.13

Member (B) bids$2.22, $2.49, $2.55 and   

Member(C)bids$2.22, $3.27, 5.13

 the lowest unique bid would be $3.27, so member C would be the winner!  Member C would pay $3.27 for the item being bid on. Most items ship to USA.   After Auction ends you go to your members area pay for your item.  In the case of this example you would pay $3.27   

Members must have credit in members account to purchase bids each item will have it own bid price. and opening bid amount. Have fun and enjoy your purchases. SIGNUP NOW!

All items are new unless stated other wise


All used items are sold as is no return or warranty we will do our best to describe  all items and offer pics

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11 Pairs Unique Earrings
Auction closed on:
08/16/2015, 06:47:35 PM
Sold for --
to: --
1 Dangly Circles and 1 Hoop with Bead Earrings
Auction closed on:
08/16/2015, 05:52:50 PM
Sold for --
to: --
$5.00 Bid Bucks
Auction closed on:
08/08/2015, 01:44:31 AM
Sold for $0.89
to: Rubirosacruz

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